Communication which inspires those who hear it is .. the sort of communication which triggers action.  

In the unexpected context of today’s world, where the buzz words are optimism, resilience, disruption, it is more than ever essential to reinvent oneself.

Reinventing means changing habits, taking stock and … taking immediate action for ourselves and for our teams.

In my conferences and keynotes, I share stories, tips and tricks, and winning strategies discovered from experts and people who have learned how to design and live the sort of life they desire.  Your audience will leave my talk questioning their limiting beliefs, discovering new moments of inspiration, different projects, and the drive and zest to implement them … at once. 



I cannot imagine the day you stop learning …

I love facilitating seminars, workshops, trainings in : personal development, success strategies, public speaking and pitching, facilitation techniques, and course design.

We only learn well when we are enjoying ourselves, and all my programmes contain a FUN component.  And since I consider the ROI to be of supreme importance, each programme design is based on SMART objectives.  When an objective is measurable, each participant knows exactly which behaviours have changed, and can assess their own degree of success. 

People who take part in my trainings tell me they remember them years afterwards : positively, of course!


Vous avez envie de booster votre carrière de Speaker en proposant des Conférences en anglais? Vous vous dites que c’est trop difficile d’y arriver? Que votre anglais n’est tout simplement pas assez bon ….?

Détrompez-vous et laissez-nous vous prouver que TOUT LE MONDE peut faire des Conférences irrésistible en anglais … à condition de suivre une formation spécialement conçue pour réaliser ces deux objectifs: être à l’aise en anglais, et .. savoir faire une super conférence!

Découvrez notre programme SPEAK FOR SUCCESS

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Formation anglais


MC, Anchor, Presenter .. are jobs that cannot be improvised !  An event or a seminar can only go well if all the technical teams pull together.  There is no such thing as a small event, every event needs to  be carefully prepared. … Let me help you make your event into a great moment  so that everyone on the stage can be a star, and the audience have a fantastic time.  My boundless energy is contagious … and no one looks at their watch when I am MC!

My MC status has been validated by the label from the prestigious French Association of Professional Speakers, to which I have the honour of belonging.


I am proud to have created LE SPEAKSHOW.  I am disappointed to observe that hundreds of hours of language training have been delivered around the world .. with minimal results.  So I decided to create a SEMINAR-SHOW which would REALLY advance the participants in their English language competency.  The first victim of my show?  That “I can’t do it!’ feeling!  This event takes place in a theatre, where the dimmed lights and the comfortable seats inspire a feeling of confidence.  The programme inspires, makes ‘em laugh, and breaks all those barriers which stop adults from daring to use all the words and structures which they learned at school.  (Or rather,  “suffered” at school ).  Using the latest research from neuroscience has allowed me, for the first time in France (and soon elsewhere!) , to organise a session of pure Edutainment.  What do the participants say the most often? « If only I could have done this before …. »

Formation Anglais


This was my first idea… the one which made me come to France in the first place : to be a conference interpreter.  I soon understood that someone who likes tooting their own horn as much as I do could never do that job full-time!  But today I have a team of translators who perform rapid and reliable translations of your written texts, and another, different team of smiling conference interpreters for your international meetings and conferences in all languages.  We also provide the sound equipment :  headsets, booths, microphones…